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Methods of shipment:

Our store offers the shipment through the US and all over the world with the top delivery and courier companies such as FedEx, USPS, and UPS. The customer also gets to choose the shipping company before placing the order, and the product is delivered to their doorsteps on the address they have provided.

As the customers can choose the courier company for the shipment, the delivery is done through that company.

Charges and timing of shipping:

The charges of the delivery are determined by the following elements which are mentioned below:

  1. Size of the product and order
  2. The weight of the product and order
  3. The courier company and method of delivering chosen by the customer
  4. The address and location of the customer

As mentioned above the client has to choose the courier company as well as the method of shipment before placing the final order so that we can estimate and calculate the actual shipping amount the customer has to bear for the purchase of the product. The real shipping cost is also shown on the final invoice of the product according to their desired address and transfer method.

The delivery of the entire product is dispatched same day the order is confirmed and usually takes 2 to 3 business days in delivering the product within the US. In case the product needs to be provided the time internationally, and the amount of shipment are determined according to the location, shipping methods and terms and conditions of the shippers.

Free shipment:

If the customer spends $100 on the purchases of the product the delivery is free for the US customers only.

Tracking of shipment:

The customers can easily access and track the delivery location by the shipment tracking number provided by the cargo company. You can also inquire the time and place of the packaging by directly contacting the shippers by entering the shipment tracking number on their website or calling the official helpline numbers.

Our customer service team is unable to provide accurate shipment details and the arrival of your package to your doorsteps.

We also provide complete shipping details and other assistance while the product is delivered to your, contact us anytime via call or email as ask our customer support officer for complete guidance.

International shipping:

We provide shipment of all our products in over US and Canada according to the terms and condition and the shipping charges within and outside the US. The international customers have to choose the shipment methods; Courier Company and the cost of delivery will be estimated and displayed as well.

Additional information about the transfer:

Package delivery delay:

We deliver all our products through the top transfer companies like FedEx, USPS, and UPS, and therefore controlling the time of delivery is not possible. That is why we provide delivery details furnished by the shipper, and in case any delay happens, we will inform the customer by calling the significant numbers provided by them as well as through email.

The other reason of delay can occur from the client side when the wrong address is provided, or any missing information is observed; therefore the shipping company can call and confirm the address and intelligence, and this may cause the delay or due to no response from the customer.

Shipment to the business address:

Our store also provides delivery to the firm address if the client wants it.

Changes of shipping address:

The customer can change the shipping address any time before making any final delivery order. Once the order is placed, and the customer wants to modify the shipping address they can call us within 1 to 2 hours of order placement to replace the address and change their address as well.