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Return Policy

The customer service is also essential as much as the quality of the products, therefore, we provide the satisfactory services in return, exchange, and cancellation at the same time.

Cancellation of order:

Your order can be canceled before the shipment time by just calling the following numbers or contacting the support team of

  • Contacting support team in the US calls +1 888-508-6078 for canceling the order.
  • You can also email us at ( to contact our team to cancel your order before delivery.

Returning the non-satisfactory products:

We believe in delivering the best quality products; if you do not find our products up to your mark, then you can return it within 30 days of receiving it. The good must come back in original packing and labeling. Also, keep in mind we do not bear the shipping cost while returning the product; the customer is responsible for the return shipping charges.

Returning policies for the damaged products:

In case the customer gets a damaged product he/she can return it back to us within four working days. The product must be in the original packing. You can call us on the numbers mentioned above as well as email us for returning the damaged products.

We provide a full money back guarantee for the damaged product in case of shipment is done by the courier company or any other damage which is found by the customer. In case the transfer is marked as Delivered by the courier company and the customer does not receive it or not able to find it, we will not provide the money back policy to those lost products.

Methods to Refund and process to return:

In case the customer finds the product broken, damaged or wants to return it they can follow the following steps to return the product and claim the return, you need to contact our customer support team by following methods:

  • Call us at +1 888-508-6078 in the US.
  • Email us at ( to get your product returned and receive refunds as well.

The authorization code generates once we receive your email or call. Our customer service provider will help you in returning the product to our mentioned address for return; we will issue your refund as well. If you want your product replaced, we can do that too within 24 hours. The recovery process is the same as the payment is made, such as If you have made a payment through a credit card, the amount will return to the card back which will take about a week period to do so.

The notification email is sent once the refund has taken place.