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Borneo White Vein

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Origins of Borneo White Vein

Borneo is a Kratom which has its roots in the island of Borneo. It is a popular product worldwide due to its healing properties. It is a part of many herbal remedies for casual use. The leaves of Borneo have bright white veins on them. This strain has the highest value of user satisfaction.

Borneo White Vein is a particular strain of Mitragyna speciosa which grows in the island of Borneo. This strain has two more types which have green and red veins. Each type has significantly different properties which provide wide ranging effects. From energy boosting to stress release, it has remedies for a lot of people.

Where does it grow?

As the name suggests, it grows on the island of Borneo. Many people confuse it for Indo or Bali, but the truth is that all of these strains are slightly different. Borneo is one of the largest islands in the world and has a sizeable population. Borneo strains are grown on the Indonesian side of the island.

Benefits of Borneo White Vein

Borneo White Vein is less prevalent than red and green varieties. It naturally grows in moderation, so it is not commonly available everywhere. This strain is probably one of the rarest strains of Kratom. It is known for its strong stimulating and pain relieving effects.

Its benefits are due to the natural alkaloids found in the leaves. When these alkaloids enter the body, they initiate noticeable physiological responses such as stress release, pain relief, concentration, reversing lethargy, focus, and activeness. The energy induced by Borneo White Vein is stronger than a cup of coffee. Some users also make a blend of all three Borneo strains for a wider range of healing results. In short, the Borneo White Vein is the one of the top selling strains at Kratom Store.

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