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Privacy Policy

What is done with the information collected from users?

It is a very commonly asked question, as an online store we collect information of the users to know the personal details of our buyers such as their name, email address and residential address, etc. to make our website better for them. As soon as the user browse the site, the IP address of the user is analyzed to record the information of the browser details and operating system of the users.

The site generates the request too which allows the user to receive more news, updates, and news of the store and new products with the permission granted by them.

How is the information used?

There is two major reason to receive and used the information of the users.

1. Marketing reason:

The marketing purpose is one of the common reasons to receive and use the user information which gets in the database and utilized for the commercialization purpose; the user can say no to provide the necessary information and access the website freely.

2. Transaction reason:

When the user buys any product from the website, he or she must provide essential and compulsory details and information to complete the transaction. This information includes user name, credit card details, address to deliver the product, etc. this information is necessary to place an order; returning and delivery process of the product. This information is used for the transaction only.

How to withdraw the information?

At any point, you can ask for the withdrawal of your information, even after you have opt-in. For removing of your information at any point, you can contact us and ask for the information removal. You can also ask us to stop the marketing campaign and withdraw your information for receiving any email related to our website and products.

The withdrawal of information can be made by visiting the website or emailing us at (email address).

How my information is secured?

The information of all the users of this website is secured with reasonable precautions. We make sure that your information is properly secured and cannot be misused in any means. The security measures are taken completely so that your information is not misused, disclosed, lost, altered or damaged.

Security of the credit card information:

The credit card information gets unique and advanced security when the website receives credit card information of the user the details are encrypted with the latest technology of SSL (secures socket layer) and saved with the encryption of AES-256 so that no one can access and read it.

The website takes the PCI-DSS requirements and implications so that the user credit card information is saved according to their standards to make sure the best possible security to your details as none of the methods of electronic storage on the internet is considered to be completely safe.

Age of user:

For using this website, the user must be at least 18 years old according to the province or state. The user can be legal maturity for using this site according to the province or state of residence.

Privacy policy changes:

The site reserves the rights to change and modify the privacy policy for any reason at any time. Therefore, it must be reviewed by the users frequently. The users of the websites will be immediately informed about the modification and changes of the privacy policies on this page so that they can know how the information is collected, used and in any circumstances, the website use and disclose the information if any.

The store can merge and acquired by some other company at any time. Therefore, your information can be transferred to the new owner who will help us sell the products to you.

Contact details and Questions:

You can access to the Privacy Compliance Officer at and to access, amend, delete or correct any personal information the website has about you, also in the case of registering any complaint and get any further information as well.